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games i am really good at: 

  1. pikmin
  2. pokemon
  3. zelda: the wind waker
  4. spyro
  5. petz
  6. creatures
  7. animal crossing
  8. echo the dolphin
  9. kirby
  10. corruption of champions

games i am really bad at:

  1. do bad guys run at you fast
  2. nope
  3. bye

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As much as it would be real neato if the gigapause concluded soon, I’m on pins and needles waiting for sbahj to update.  Every time I click that NEWEST…… COMIC > button, my heart sinks a little lower when I see that turkey hole again.

(I still is curiose about the turkey hole) though

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Shit happens.


A “VIP” guest recently complained that he checked into his room to find that the housekeeper had either not flushed the toilet or had, left, um… a “surprise” in the bowl for him.

He demanded a room upgrade, food and beverage credits and has demanded three meetings with managers to try to get free things. 

A manger looked into his account with our hotel brand to check out his previous stays at other properties. Apparently, this guest has checked into 4 of our hotels around the world in the past 3 months and claimed the housekeeper pooped in his toilet so he could get upgraded or get his room comped.

Either this is an extremely unfortunate coincidence or this man checks in, poops, then blames it on the housekeepers.

And before you think, “What a great way to get upgrades at hotels,” please know that he has now been banned from our hotel chain for life. 

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